Regain control of your finances.


my name is Dianne Boulton


Like a large number of Australians, I have struggled with budgeting in the past and have made some unsound financial decisions, which led me to learn and implement the new strategies offered by the Spending Planning Program. This was a great motivator to get involved with the spending planning institute and help others deal with their financial issues while teaching them how to control their money and plan their expenses.

Over the years I became very frustrated with all the financial gurus who give pat answers for how to deal with everyday financial management. If I am told once more to do a budget, give up the takeaway coffee, (which I don’t drink, I’m a tea person) and shop around for better deals on insurance etc., I will scream. This advice never really helped me as it didn’t take my current exact financial situation into account. It also didn’t go into detail about the how to’s or understand how my thoughts around money affected my spending. I wanted individualised help and someone to answer my questions when I got stuck.

I  believe this experience along with my academic background helps me to understand where you are coming from and how to teach you new skills.

Academically I;

  • am a trained and certified member of the Spending Planning Institute.
  • have a BA with a double major in Psychology and Science Technology and Society,
  • have a Certificate IV in both Community work and in Training and Assessment.
  • am trained in and have a wealth of experience in small business management. I have owned and managed my own small business’s including working in my husband’s and my mortgage management and brokerage company.

My work and volunteer background has also included;

  • youthwork
  • working with kids in residential care
  • doing environmental assessments on people’s homes
  • running workshops for WEA on environmental issues/energy savings
  • group leadership in a church based setting.
  • facilitating the Flourish Women’s personal development course
  • and most recently I managed a food pantry service in the Dapto Area.

All these activities mean I can relate to people from a wide variety of backgrounds, age groups and cultures. It is precisely this experience, when combined with my qualifications, which helps me to understand how people can fall into financial trouble. I know how difficult it is to admit that help is needed. It also means that I am non-judgmental when helping people develop the skills necessary to regain control of their finances.

I am a mature (I make it into the baby boomers generation by 2 days) wife and mother of 2 adult children (empty nester). Have lived on the South Coast of NSW for most of my life. I am an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction, am passionate about the environmental, food security and social justice issues. My favourite movies are science fiction and fantasy/superhero genre.