What is a Spending Planner?

Spending Planner is an educator, mentor and personalised assistant who will partner with you to develop a plan (a Spending Plan) to manage your money in a more efficient manner.

How it Works

From the moment of first contact, our spending experts will show you how easy it is to get your finances in order and regain control of your expenditures.

Is it for Me?

The best way to answer this is to ask yourself the following questions:
Would I like to control my money, instead of my money controlling me?

About Us

I am a trained and certified member of the Spending Planning Institute. Additionally, I have a BA in Psychology, a Certificate IV in both Community work and in Training and Assessment. I have been trained in and have a wealth of experience in small business management, as I have owned and managed my own small business with great success. Today I am the owner of my own Spending Planning business.